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Powering Entrepreneurs & Ideas driven by 
passion and Impact.

Over the past 20 years, I have built 10+ businesses and trained 200k+ people on entrepreneurship, leadership, people management, sales & marketing, business strategy and much more.

I am passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, and how passionate people can use both to create an impact in the world.

I love reading, writing,  travelling and teaching. Join 300k+ community members where we learn and grow together.

I share my experience and expertise through various programs. Check below to know.


My story

I was born in a village and had initial education from a govt. Hindi medium school in a remote village in Haryana. Failed maths exams 4 times and in business multiple times, never attended a college and could not speak proper Hindi or English till I was 20.

Today, I am running multiple businesses, invested in a few and mentoring many others. 300k+ people follow me on social media and I am regularly invited to speak at colleges, corporates and many other events.

My story is a story of every young person who dared to dream. It is a story of hope & hard work. It is proof that no matter where you come from, you can design your destiny and write your own story.

The past 20+ years of my professional life and 38+ years of my biological life has a series of lessons, mistakes and failures and a ton of wisdom that I want to leave behind as my legacy.

I regularly talk about it, hoping that it will inspire millions of those who are today afraid and uncertain about their lives. 

I build businesses that matter. And teach others too.

Entrepreneurship  Social Media  Technology

 Leadership   Sales & Marketing  People Management Business Strategy  Branding

Businesses &

Some of the businesses and initiatives I have been working upon.

Marketing & sales, careers and education, technology, travel, entrepreneurship and community.

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